In accordance with our Exhibitor's regulations (point 3.3) after the conclusion of the contract, the Exhibitor is obliged to pay the full amount. It is also possible to pay receivables in installments according to the following rules:
- 45% - gross amounts due for the space / stand + registration fee paid as an advance payment up to two weeks
- 55% - the remaining part of total gross receivables, payable not later than until 21/10/2022

After ordering the space, the system will generate a pro forma invoice. Each subsequent order will create another pro forma invoice, payable no later than 21/10/2021.


Lower prices for the space/stand are valid, provided that te entire amount is paid, by July 31, 2022.


After making the first payment, the system generates two invoices:
- VAT invoice for a non-returnable registration fee in the amount of PLN 738.00
- advance invoice for the remaining amount.

Each additional payment will generate another advance invoice. The payment amount will be credited as a prepayment for participation in the Fair, and the invoice will contain the entirety of your order for the day and information about the remaining amount to be paid.


After the Fair, you can generate a final invoice in the system. This option will be possible until 15/11/2022, after this date the system will be blocked and no additional invoices will be issued.


20th April 2022

  • 2019 Exhibitor's location confirmation launching the exhibitor's panel - the sales and registration system

31st May 2022

  • 2021 Exhibitor's location confirmation

31st July 2022

  • end of the discount - from August 1, prices for the space / stand will increase by 10%

25th September 2022

  • application for participation in the Fair,
  • the possibility of a free resignation from participation in the Fair (the Exhibitor is obliged to submit a written resignation to the address of the Fair Commissioner: downar@targi.krakow.pl). On this basis, the funds paid by the Exhibitor will be refunded, except for the registration fee, which is obligatory and non-refundable. See the Regulations, point 4.,
  • co-exhibitors application,
  • ordering a seminar rooms, Author's Zone, Literary Salon /free cancellation of seminar rooms,
  • application of Authors and Speakers,
  • completing the entry in the Exhibitors Catalog, Accompanying Program,
  • the date of delivering a project of individual stand construction / sending the stand plan, notification of the stand construction contractor in the case of ordering an undeveloped space,
  • ordering additional equipment, media, Internet, suspending elements,

21th October 2022

  • application of exhibitor's guests, authors' guests and industry guests, 
  • payment of the entire amount due for participation in the Fair