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The International Book Fair in Krakow - a cyclical event dedicated to the publishing and bookshop sector, has been organized by Targi w Krakowie Ltd. in Krakow since 1997. The Fair, which falls into the category of readership promotion, is open to the general public.

Exhibitors include: publishing houses, book warehouses, bookshops, cultural institutions, associations related to the Polish book market, distributors of electronic media dedicated to readers, printing companies and paper producers.

The International Book Fair in Krakow is an iconic event in the city, a promotion zone for good books, a venue for encounters, exchanges of thoughts and discussion. In 2013 Krakow was awarded the prestigious UNESCO City of Literature title as one of seven such cities in the world and only the second one located in a non-English speaking country. This makes Krakow the perfect location for an international publishing and readership event.

The International Book Fair in Krakow works to consolidate the image of Krakow and Malopolska as a region that for centuries has set the course of development for Polish culture, fuelled change, influenced tastes and created literary trends.

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