For Visitors

The International Book Fair in Krakow has long attracted considerable attention among visitors. This high attendance attests to the robust condition of book-readership in Poland, and inspires optimism for future editions of the International Book Fair in Krakow.

With the visitor in mind, the publishers and organisers have prepared an extensive additional program. It includes the finals of the major Polish literary contests and competitions, industry debates and discussions, as well as meetings with over 600 authors from Poland and abroad. The International Book Fair in Krakow formula is based on the idea of a book festival throughout the entire city. Meetings with authors, literary happenings, theatre performances, conferences, concerts and exhibitions take place outside the event venue as well.

The Fair is a venue friendly to readers, a space of free play with literature. The number of Facebook fans attests to the important role played in the integration of readers by the International Book Fair in Krakow, the fanpage boasts more than 36,000 followers.