After a cloudy spring and a cautious summer in the world of book fairs, autumn is the chance for readers eager for live meetings. Held in October, the 24th International Book Fair in Krakow gives hope for the return of a joyous buzz of conversations among the rustle of book pages. Tension and anticipation that can be felt on the publishing market, as well as among readers, is a motivation that gives the Organizers a boost of energy to act.

Autumn mobilization
In the publishing industry, speaking about October, one cannot fail to mention the International Book Fair in Krakow. As Pawel Iwanski from the Nowa Basn Publishing House says, [...] the book fair is a great opportunity to reach a new reader with the first volume, because we know that after reading, he will want more and more. It is therefore an opportunity for Publishers to establish cooperation with other publishers, as well as to contact a group of readers.
Restrictions introduced for security reasons caused difficulties on the publishing market and kept readers and authors in their homes. The energy accumulated over the last few months has finally the opportunity to find an outlet. The 24th International Book Fair in Krakow is therefore not only a joyful prospect for Visitors, but also a chance to make up for the losses caused by the coronavirus epidemic. It's a way to set the publishing industry back in motion.
Safety first
The Organizers are optimistic about the future and prepare for Exhibitors and Visitors of the Fair that everyone knows and likes. This year's goal is to organize them in a traditional formula. However, it will be adapted to current sanitary recommendations. Such an exceptional edition requires special preparation. That is why the Organizer is already making every effort to make this year's Fair not only an exciting but also a safe event for those arriving. Wearing gloves and masks are just some of the planned protective measures. The sanitary regime introduced in the facility will not be limited to the permanent and thorough disinfection of the entire facility infrastructure. EXPO Krakow is ready to introduce a system controlling the number of people entering and leaving the building, or appropriately widened corridors to maintain the required distance.
We follow the restrictions introduced by the government on an ongoing basis so as to be able to adapt them to the conditions in the building and make the Fair a place friendly for meetings. We do not want to cancel the Fair, but only adjust it to the new reality so that it is conducive to "frostbite" of the industry and the satisfaction of readers - says Grażyna Grabowska, President of the Fair in Krakow.
Reader - come back!
What makes the International Book Fair in Krakow unique is the presence of Visitors. The longing for conversation with fans is also noticed by Paweł Iwanski from Nowa Basn Publishing House: We miss one more thing - meetings with readers during the fair. [...] These are meetings that build a sense of well-done work in us and largely reward us with the daily effort of working on subsequent titles. Closing it in one sentence - the whole of Nowa Basn is eagerly awaiting the new fair!
The Organizers also hope that we will be able to meet in October at EXPO and, together with Exhibitors and Visitors, return to talks at the stands again. However, to be able to meet at the Fair and set off again into the book maze, we must use this freedom responsibly and therefore safely for all who use it.
After the difficult beginning of the year, the 24th International Book Fair in Krakow will be a particularly important and momentous event for book lovers who are looking forward to meeting authors or getting autograph books. That is why, despite the adversities, we look to the future with optimism and do what we can do best: we prepare the Fair so that it will return for the twenty-fourth time, reminding us how committed and persistent the community of readers is.