​Signing books and meetings with authors at stands will not be possible this year. However, they will be replaced with a new comfortable solution. There will be created the Author's Zone – a special place in the hall where each Exhibitor can reserve a specific amount of time for his writer. It is there that readers will be able to meet their favorite artists and buy their works. It will be possible thanks to small points of sale located at the entrance to the Zone, where Exhibitors will be able to sell books of the invited guest.

You can make a reservation in the Author's Zone already and plan a safe, but also awaited meeting with readers. All this with appropriate distances and additional precautions: the writer will receive his own stand protected by a Plexiglas cover, and the queue of visitors will be regulated by security, ensuring compliance with sanitary requirements. After each meeting, the author's stand and points of sale will be disinfected and prepared for the next Participants.

The zone is free, and one Author may occupy it for a maximum of 3 hours. The order of applications decides about the reservation.

As every year, there are also seminar rooms that can be booked for a meeting with the author. The rooms will be enlarged and the number of seats will be adjusted to the applicable security procedures.

The new form of fair meetings with authors, i.e. enlarged seminar rooms and a specially prepared Author's Zone, are ways to organize a safe and comfortable space for readers and writers. Thanks to this, Fair Participants will be able to feel confident and take the opportunity to meet the Author live.