The publications submitted in any language
about mountains from all continents and related to the mountains (geology, nature and its protection, history, monuments, ethnography and others), which appeared with the printed date of issue from 2016 (inclusive) may be submitted to the Competition. In case of multi-volume publications (encyclopedias and others), the whole titles are admitted to the Competition, the first volume of which could have been published before 2016 and the last volumes from 2016.

For this year's Competition you can submit albums, guides, popular science publications, monographs, literary prose about mountains, maps, atlases and encyclopedias, vocabularies of names, places, objects, nature and others topics related to the mountains.

Participation in the Competition is free of charge for the publisher and does not require payment of the registration fee. The details of the Competition can be found in the attached rules and application form. They are also available at and
The publishers who will participate in the Competition for the fifth time will receive special commemorative diplomas.

44 publishers from nine countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Great Britain and Italy) participated in the 4th Competition in 2019 and they submitted one hundred publications. The publishing houses from the Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Great Britain have been among the laureates or awarded in the Competition.

​We cordially invite you to participate in the Competition – the applications should be submitted to 21st September, 2020 (inclusive).