​As every year, Exhibitors of the 23rd edition have priority to cover the same area in the same location this year. If you do not want to make any changes, please fill in the appropriate elements of the application. If you want to change your stand, please contact Team of the International Book Fair in Krakow first.

How to send an application?


If you were an Exhibitor at the 23rd International Book Fair in Krakow (2019), please log in to the already established data (login and password).
Registration or login to the customer's panel HERE.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to use the Customer Panel, please register first and create an account where all services will be available.


After creating an account, the account is verified by the Organizer.


After accepting the account by the Organizer, the option of placing an order for the exhibition space is unlocked. Please select the size and mark the type of stand.


Verification of the Exhibitor's application (area and location) by the Organizer.


After accepting the surface by the Organizer, the remaining ordering options are unlocked, such as: additional equipment, the possibility of arranging elements on the stand plan, media, suspensions, advertising services or catalog entry.


Summary and send application (number 15 in the client's panel).


You can also rent and change additional equipment until 28/08/2020.
If you would like to withdraw your additional order (eg, resign of two shelves or cancel the order of the Internet etc.) please contact the Organizer.

Changes to the equipment order are possible by 28/08/2020 at the latest. Orders placed by the Exhibitor after 28/08/2020 will be realized as far as possible and will be more expensive by 50%.