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Dear exhibitors

we're happy to announce that the system for sales and registration is opened!

27 Years of the Fair. A Literary Phenomenon and 3 Generations of Readers.

International Book Fair in Krakow® - a cyclical event dedicated to the publishing and bookselling industry, organized since 1997 in Krakow by Targi w Krakowie Ltd.
The event, as part of a program to promote reading, is open to the general public. Exhibitors include Polish and foreign publishing houses, book warehouses, bookstores, cultural institutions, associations related to the book market in Poland, digital media distributors, printing companies, and paper manufacturers.

The International Book Fair in Krakow® is a major characteristic of the city. They have become an area for the promotion of good books, a place for meetings, exchange of ideas, and discussions. In 2013 Krakow was honored with the prestigious title of UNESCO City of Literature - as one of seven cities in the world and the second non-English-speaking city. That's why Krakow is an ideal place to host an international publishing and reading event. The International Book Fair in Krakow® establishes the image of Krakow and Malopolska as a region that for centuries has set the trends of Polish culture, set the pace of change, influenced reading tastes, and created literary fashions.

Thank you for being with us!

26. International Book Fair in Krakow

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We are giving into your hands a culinary guide to Krakow, which we hope will make your stay in our city more pleasant.

The guide was created in cooperation between Targi w Krakowie and Kati Płachecka - a culinary journalist who runs the krakowfood.pl portal and is the creator of the @krakowfood.kati account (the largest Instagram dedicated to food from Krakow and Malopolska).

In the guide you will find interesting places for various occasions, which are a must-see!

The guide is part of our bleisure strategy and a response to the needs of our customers who, when coming to fairs, congresses, conferences and events, also want to get to know Krakow.