Every year, readers bought new books during the International Book Fair in Krakow, which attracted crowds of visitors on the last weekend of October. Readers eager for meetings could see their favorite author, take part in interesting meetings, but also supplement their library with new products. This year it was not possible in the traditional form, so we decided to create an alternative solution.
Online meetings
Together with the authors and publishers, we have created an online meeting program. Meetings in this form did not fully reflect the atmosphere of the fair, but it was an interesting alternative to spending a fair weekend.
During the Online Book Fair, an extensive industry program was also very popular. Translators, librarians and booksellers could take part in numerous workshops and lectures, broadening their existing knowledge.
Discount catalog
When the decision was made to cancel the Fair in a stationary form, many people accepted the idea that the funds raised all year round will wait for another year. However, we decided to create an alternative solution: the Catalog of Discounts on books, e-books and gadgets, which was in force during the week of the fair.
Krakow bookstores were also involved in the campaign.
This year is special for everyone in many ways. No actions can replace the four-day literature festival, which has always been the International Book Fair in Krakow, but difficult times require new solutions.

We hope that next year we will all meet again at EXPO Krakow.